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Burnley's "Anadrol 50" Heaton relishing glove battle From Lancashire Telegraph


Poor old helpless insane Mungo, forever trying his hardest to rewrite the reality that tortures his very soul on a daily basis.

God help him when FFP lubes up its pulsating member for the grand entrance. Whoever the clone is has my compliments, mighty fine work and well reported reality. Bumley in the Premier League "Anadrol 50" try not to blink.

No matter how many accounts you copy, no matter how many email accounts you have to create, no matter how many lowercase L's you replace with capital i's, no matter how many full stops, or extra spaces you put in to create your Burnley fan". one fact remains.

Blackburn Rovers 1 2 Burnley.

Just can't seem to make it go away can you Tom?

And I just keep making you look so silly don't I?

All that time and effort you put in and I wipe it out in seconds. I can almost hear your squawks of frustration as you get put back into your retard box time after time, day after day. I have destroyed your mental fabric to such an extent that you cannot function on even a basic level any more and devote your whole existence to the team that torments you. Burnley FC.

You whole life destroyed on that fateful day in March when the Clarets took over Ewood Park, outplayed you Buy Cheap Jintropin Online on the pitch, outsang you in the stands, and then waved you off as you sneaked out with Anavar For Sale Philippines 10 minutes remaining as Danny Ings scored the goal Gensci Jintropin that haunts "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" your dreams.

And I saw YOU sneaking out, tearing the replica shirt from your bulbous overweight sweating carcass and hurling it towards the dugout, tears streaming down your chubby cheeks, and a look of pure horror in your eyes as you took in the scene in the Darwen End.

And then we went up. Hence your breakdown.

Get yourself some counselling. I was there too buddy. You were all quiet until the 70th minute, there was no outsinging or outplaying and you were decidedly ordinary in every respect. Ings scuffed shot and Rhodes being too clinical and Anavar Muscle Pumps hitting a post the only difference. This you know is the reality. When we were on our arses and you on the crest of a wave, you managed a solitary win. Which is why you're so sensitive. Quite refreshing really as in the modern age as I've said before you need something meaningful to fight against and beating you previously felt a bit hollow. You're the Dennis Taylor to our Stephen Hendry, the Wigan to our Man City. However, unlike them, you will never experience the feeling of winning a meaningful trophy in your lifetime. You'll be put back in your box just like a cat eventually kills the mouse it plays with. We both know it so just stop this charade and accept it. I'm not frustrated or remotely concerned. I'm simply waiting.

"Rhodes being too clinical and hitting a post."

Where do you Deca Durabolin Blood Pressure get these gems from? If he was too clinical then surely he would have fired his shot into the corner of the net, not missed the net and hit the post?

Sssssssssshhhhhhhhh! Remember that? Possibly the most premature celebration since that Burnley taxi driver wiped his end on yer mam's drawers back in the day.