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´╗┐State director who holds city s purse strings offended by Mayor Muschal s comments

A day after acting Mayor George Muschal called the director of state Division of Local Government Services the city s real leader, Thomas Neff Equipoise Group struck back.

I read with some dismay comments attributed to you in The Trentonian, Neff said in an email sent Friday to Muschal obtained by The Trentonian. As you know, we have several phone conversations and face to face meetings (as recently as Feb. 18 and April 14) to discuss various matters. The Division and I take seriously our role in helping you in your role as Mayor.

Muschal gave Neff the new title mayor Thursday after he said the state director canceled several meetings to discuss the city s agreement to receive transitional aid.

Neff said in the email that the mayor s staff recently called his office to arrange a face to face meeting.

Our respective staff s initially scheduled a meeting for April 29, but I had to cancel when an emergency matter arose, he said, adding it was rescheduled on May 15 to take place on Tuesday. At no time was the meeting classified as an emergency by you or your staff or I would have been more than happy to meet with you, or speak with you by phone.

When reached for comment Friday, Muschal didn t hold back his criticism when told about the email, though he had yet to see it.

He s making the calls, Mayor Neff, Muschal said. Bio Primo Methenolone Enanthate Mayor Neff, that s the way it is because they haven t responded to me.

In his email, Neff said he was surprised to read in newspapers that Muschal, who has yet to sign this year s transitional aid agreement with the state, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" said the city received 75 percent of the funding.

In fact, none of the $22.86 million Transitional Aid reserved by the State as special aid for the City of Trenton in 2014 has been disbursed to the City, Neff stated. None of the funds have been provided for the simple reason "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" that I am legally unable to disburse any grants until a grant agreement has been executed.

Neff added during the past several years, memorandum of understandings (MOU) were required to be signed by the city before funds were disbursed.

And these MOUs have provided for the schedule of disbursement 75 percent upon signing and the balance closer to the end of the year, Neff said. For the current year, the City received that notification four months ago. Despite several meetings and phone calls since that time and as recently as last month not once did you indicate you had no intention of signing the MOU.

When Muschal was alerted to this development, the mayor responded: Then who the hell is lying? That s awful funny.

The mayor said Thursday that the city received 75 percent of the $22.86 million, and was awaiting the remaining $5.7 million.

But Neff said had the MOU been signed shortly after the award letter was received, the city would have immediately received $17.15 million in cash that could have been invested.

Alternatively, the funds could have obviated or reduced certain short term borrowings and related interest costs, the state director said.

The agreement for transitional aid comes with strings attached. The city cannot remove and hire department directors without the state s approval.

Muschal ran into that issue two months into his tenure after taking over for former Mayor Tony F. Mack, who was convicted on federal corruption charges in February.

The acting mayor who will serve until July 1 fired Law Director Caryl Amana, but was immediately told by Neff to reinstate her because he did not receive the required approval under the MOU. The 2013 transitional aid agreement, which has an expiration date of June 30, 2014, was signed by Mack.

Muschal is looking to do away with the transitional aid, which accounts for roughly 12 percent of this year s budget for the city, in favor of Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Act program (CMPTRA).

CMPTRA funds are not restrictive like the transitional aid, which would give the city more power to do as it pleases without state oversight. Muschal said he s had that plan for the last two months.

Neff said he understands Trenton s elected officials desire to have a portion "buy cheap jintropin online" of transitional aid converted to an increase in CMPTRA, but it s not possible because the state s current budget, which ends on June 30, does not have a lawful appropriation to allow such a conversion.

The City has made strides in returning to normalcy after the departure of Mayor Mack and it is the strong hope and desire of the Division that the City continues its progress with a "Oxandrolone Powder India" newly elected mayor in the near future, Neff said. The Division will be glad to reconsider requests for a conversion of funds in the FY 2015 Transitional Aid application process.

On Friday night, Muschal said he received Neff s email and provided a more subtle response.

As you are aware I do have a meeting set for Tuesday with Tom Neff , which was confirmed with my office this afternoon, the mayor said. The reason I am asking for this meeting is to be provided with some clarification regarding the MOU agreement and if the City has received all the funds from the 2013 2014 agreement or are they referring to the 2014 2015 MOU agreement, which that funding should be used for the fiscal year starting July 1 2014 and ending June 30 2015.

Muschal said he has asked members from the Mack administration this question during the past several weeks and no one was able to provide him with a straight answer.

Therefore, that in Buy Cialis Norway it self is a very important reason why I must speak personally with Tom Neff, Muschal stated.

Neff said Muschal has access to his work phone, work email and personal phone, which he invited him to call anytime in the event of an emergency or to discuss matters of concern.

I always remain available to speak with you, he said.

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