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´╗┐Shadowland Theatre offers 'Jackass Flats' world premierevideo

THIS WEEKEND'S world premiere by Shadowland Theatre, its first in 15 years, could only be set in one locale, in a specific city, at a certain time in a long ago, nearly forgotten America.

"Jackass Flats" (regrettably, not about politicians) is, nevertheless, a comedy set in Las Vegas in 1952. The play, originally conceived by playwright, CC Loveheart, as a one act for herself several years ago, has expanded and contracted over several re writes with husband, John Simon. Ultimately, Loveheart said in an interview this week at the beautifully restored theater, the play is about women, for women. Kay has special plans for a trip with her daughter, but her uptight, out of touch sister in law, Virginia, gets herself involved. This odd trio of three women takes a road trip to a sunrise picnic at the dawn of the Nuclear Age.

"Las Vegas is a great place to tell stories," said Loveheart, who grew up there in the 1950s. "There is no place like it in the entire country," she said, observing that it's a mirror or a shadow of the nation.

Loveheart and Simon set the play in 1952, which they consider a peak in the city's and the nation's history. "It was a boom time, right after the war, when so many things were "´╗┐Anadrol 50" happening. It also was the beginning of the Nuclear Age," Loveheart said.

At that time, Loveheart said, Las Vegas was a city of just 10,000 people, run by three main powers: the Italian mafia, the Jewish mafia and the Mormon Church. "And, Las Vegas was glamorous, like '40s Dianabol 5 Week Cycle Hollywood was glamorous, mixed in with a Western sensibility," she recalled.

Loveheart said a specific location in the play, certain behaviors of its characters, and the journey the two women and young girl embark on together could only have been located where it is Las Vegas.

Loveheart said she's observed that certain topics relationships, the history of humanity and survival, every aspect "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" of language tend to show up in her plays. "And, making people laugh," she said, adding, "It really is the best medicine."

"Jackass Flats," she said, since it originally was a piece she wrote for herself, differs from her other plays. "Life in Las Vegas was funny and paradoxical," she mused.

Despite her memories, humorous and otherwise, Loveheart said she has no urge to return to Las Vegas after a trip about a dozen years ago. "There is so little virgin desert left. And, the pollution, this hideous, gray green glob hangs from mountain to "Anaboliset Aineet" mountain," she said shuddering. "And, they're riddled with life about Vegas," he said.

Simon said when the couple decided to "Anaboliset Aineet" collaborate to expand the play, Loveheart drove wherever they were going. He was the passenger and took notes while she told stories.

"First," Simon said, "we wrote in the men, the ones the women in Boldenone E Deca Durabolin the play talk about. Then, we wrote them out."

"The play Equipoise Erectile Dysfunction is unusual," Loveheart observed, "because there are not many plays written just for women actors."

That feature, explained Brendan Burke, Shadowland producing artistic director and director of the play, was, among its "buy cheap jintropin online" other strengths, a singular attraction for the company. He said the play fit the mission of the Actors Equity, not for profit, producing theater company.

"It's hard to find plays with good roles for women," Burke pointed out.

Loveheart and Simon have been Napanoch residents for 38 years; full time since 2002. "Naturally, we gravitated to Shadowland," Loveheart said.

The full length play originated at Shadowland, but in a shorter form during readings funded by a grant from the Ulster County Legislature. From there, Burke encouraged Loveheart and Simon to expand it.

Furthermore, Burke said, its theme is current and topical, as well as socially relevant. Most importantly, he said, "It's a good play."

"Shadowland's mission," Burke explained, "is to present a season of diverse works that are accessible and thought provoking. We present new works and regional premieres, as well as works that community based companies would not consider."

Now in his seventh season as artistic director, Burke said producing companies, such as Shadowland, craft original work with script, costumes, lighting and sets created by professionals in the field.

Although "Jackass Flats" is the company's first world premiere in a number of years, Burke said Shadowland offers New York or East Coast premieres nearly every season.

Despite the risks of presenting original, challenging works, Burke said the company enjoyed 91 percent attendance for the entire 2010 season. Attendance, which the company tracks, has been growing steadily every year.